Ready to be selected and sown, then blossom the way nature intended. Ready to grow under the watchful eye of farmers who respect the environment. Ready to be harvested, cleaned, washed and packaged. Ready to bring freshness onto the table of those who love eating healthy – and safe. Our vegetables are ready for anything. And they’re ready to amaze you with their quality.

In a perfect mixed salad, full of fragrance and flavour, the success of the whole depends on every single ingredient being excellent. Likewise, the quality of our products comes from the care and attention we dedicate to every single phase of the production chain:

  • growing and harvesting the produce
  • rigorous quality-control and preparation
  • freshness preservation and rapid transport aboard refrigerated vehicles, all the while operating in full respect of the environment.

This is the recipe that has made SAB synonymous with quality.

All our product lines, from packaged greens to flowpack trays and from ready-meals to aromatic herbs, bring this quality onto your table every day.